Thomas de Courten

President of Intergenerika, National Assembly

«No to reference prices! – politics must put things on the right track.»

Dr. Axel Müller

Managing Director of Intergenerika

«Reference prices – fatal for the Swiss health sector.»

Fabian Vaucher


«Experiences in countries with a reference price system show that, first of all, medicine use increases, because price reductions lead to increases in quantity for generics – and secondly it increases the use of patented, more expensive medicines that are not subject to the mechanism of the reference price. Patients are unsettled by the constant change of medicines. The consequence is that they either take the medicines more inappropriately or in variations, because they have different ones at hand with the same substances.»

Dr. med. Yvonne Gilli

 Member of Central Executive Committee, FMH

«Generics are playing an ever greater role, but there is still potential to use even more generics.»
«Forcing a patient to switch to a different medicine can have serious health consequences for various diseases.»