Surprising survey result: “Better expensive drugs than cheap generics”.

Report “Sunday Newspaper

June 18, 2023

Surprising survey result: “Prefer expensive drugs to cheap generics”

The results of the “Gesundheitsmonitor” survey published in the Sonntagszeitung are surprising for several reasons: Generics are subject to exactly the same quality specifications as originals. The Swiss regulatory authority ensures that the safety and efficacy of generics and biosimilars are continuously maintained, just as they are for originals. Once they enter the market, the galenics of the original drugs are in most cases no longer developed further. Generics, on the other hand, are in some cases further developed drugs (lactose-free, breakage grooves for easy dose adjustment, smaller tablets and in many cases film-coated tablets for easier intake, etc.). In addition, generics and biosimilars could save about 600 million Swiss francs in 2022 alone, without any sacrifice in quality. If generics and biosimilars were used even more widely, another 300 million Swiss francs could be saved – with a direct positive effect on health insurance premiums.

Commentary Neue Zürcher Zeitung: “Stinginess is not always cool”.

Commentary “Neue Zürcher Zeitung

June 19, 2023

Commentary Neue Zürcher Zeitung: “Stinginess is not always cool”.

Stinginess is not always cool – especially when it comes to health and generic drugs sometimes cost less than chewing gum. A fitting report from the NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung. When criticizing the allegedly too high prices for generic drugs, it is important to remember that Switzerland, as a small healthcare market, is not particularly attractive for producers of inexpensive drugs. Bureaucratic hurdles further aggravate the situation. For example, package inserts must be printed in all national languages and a wide range of package sizes must be offered for each drug. These may sound like minor issues, but for products with small margins, they can be decisive in determining whether it is worthwhile to supply the local market or not. The approval process is also cumbersome and thus an obstacle.