Lucas Schalch, Managing Director Intergenerika, in interview

«More market instead of state. Saving costs with Generics and Biosimilars.»

Thomas de Courten, National Council and President of Intergenerika

Security of supply for essential medicines

Working together for sustainable patient care.

Intergenerika in association with European partners


The generics of the quality medicines with expired patents are qualitatively equal and at the same time are up to 70 % cheaper than the original medicines. Generics represent the innovative further development of tried and tested medicines and make an annual savings contribution of 1 billion francs.



Biosimilars are imitation products of biopharmaceuticals and are structurally identical to the molecule of the original manufacturer to the extent that there are no differences in effect. With their increasing spread, savings of a three-digit million sum are realistic also in Switzerland.

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«Direct and indirect savings together represent a savings contribution by generics of 1billion Swiss francs per year.»

Dr. Lucas Schalch, Managing Director
«Generics must be promoted in a targeted manner to exploit their savings potential.»
Thomas de Courten

National Council, President Intergenerika

«Today, generics are an important component of the healthcare system and the supply of medicines in Switzerland. Generics must be supported in the long term.»

Andrej Salát

General Manager, Teva/Mepha Switzerland

«78 percent of Swiss people are against reference prices for generics

Dr. med. Claude Egger

Head Access, Communication & Operational Excellence, Viatris Pharma GmbH

«Biosimilars are of equal value to the original product

Alexander Salzmann

Country Head Switzerland, Sandoz Switzerland

«Swiss generics companies are creating highly qualified jobs in this country
Hanspeter Borger

CEO, Spirig HealthCare AG

“The Corona crisis has impressively shown how important generics are for the basic supply of medicines to the Swiss population.”
Urs Lehmann

CEO , Axapharm AG